Foto: www.shotbylennen.nl

On this site we inform you about the achievements of our rider Tasia Rodink. Tasia is at a very young age began racing at age 6 she started motocross. At age 14, she switched from motocross to road racing. That branch of motorsport Tasia was a lot better and in 2009 she was soon incorporated into a professional motor racing team. The Van Buuren Racing Team Ermelo, Tasia drove there in the junior cup 125cc class, standard class. In 2010 she co-operation with the team and they put two classes to drive, the junior cup and ONK 125cc class. In the 2011 season, she set up her own team, Promemo Racing, they came that year in two different classes. The IDM 125cc (German Championship) and ONK 125cc (Open Dutch Championships). For 2012 we have made the transition from a two-stroke engine to a four-stroke engine. After the trip to the Moto3 class (4-stroke), the team has chosen to return in 2013 to the Honda 125cc engine. Along with the familiar mechanics the fast 2-stroke Honda will be the weapon to provide the 4-stroke force the head. After a nice 2014 in the Dutch Open and a few BSB races become in 2015 an even greater adventure. In 2015 racing season and Tasia Promemo Racing will be at full BSB (BRITISH championship) participate! She does in Motostar class under the 125cc championship. Please help us to achieve our ambitions? All support is welcome !!